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The Enterprise is one of the loveliest Victorian pubs in Holborn and has had many of its original features lovingly restored by its owner who is passionate about restoring old boozers to their former glory. We aim to deliver excellent food, drink and service in a warm and welcoming atmosphere and be the best place to meet friends and enjoy yourself in Holborn.



Our exciting new food venture at The Enterprise, Roshan's Kitchen, is now LIVE at The Enterprise! Serving incredible Sri Lankan and Jamaican food it really is something to be experienced! Visit their Instagram @roshanskitchen_ too and see the delicious food and incredible reaction they've been getting so far this year!

Roshan's The Enterprise.png


For anybody that has knowledge of His Dark Materials, the polar bear on the ice glaring up at the large sail boat on the sign outside the pub will take their minds straight to Northern Lights and, like the story, The Enterprise has a little fantasy about its grandiose interior.

Located on the corner of Red Lion Street, The Enterprise is the pub world’s equivalent of a magic eye puzzle. It’s simple tiled sign, with accompanying polar bear and ship and it’s fairly narrow facade, give only a few clues to the lavish cave of emerald tiled walls and mirrored depths within.

Look closely inside and you’ll notice that the wall’s beauty comes flowing from the glossy green patent glow of the ceramic tiles.The dark wooden floorboards retain a buffed shine and from the black and white Tudor-style ceiling hangs the faint orange glow of lamp lights that look like orbs of burning embers and an old model aeroplane that once again stirs up memories of Dust and journeys to the North



Get in touch and speak to our wonderful team with your enquiry. If you'd like to book a table with us, please give us a call, Email us or head to our contact page and fill out our form there!

Great place to go. Selection of real ales and drinks is good and it has an outdoor space which is amazing to find in central London. Good mixture of people who actually go there to talk and listen to each other.

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